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Members of the Norfolk Surveyors Network offer a wide range of professional property surveys, these range from building surveys, condition reports, architectural design, building pathology and statutory compliance.. Our Great Yarmouth surveyors will arm you with all the relevant information you need to make a safe financial decision when investing in the UK property market.

Our growing network offers a full range of professional services, supported by decades of industry experience. In addition to RICS HomeBuyer Reports and Building Surveys, our surveyors routinely carry out party wall appointments, valuations and leasehold extension negotiations in Great Yarmouth. Our members can also provide expert assistance with lease plans, licenses to alter or schedules of outstanding works and much more.

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Our members always provide a personable service with advice tailored to your specific project. As part of this, members of our network are happy to negotiate with other surveyors, freeholders or agents on your behalf. Each of our Great Yarmouth surveyors are qualified specialists in their field, and will actively provide you with friendly guidance and recommendations to help you make the best decisions regarding your property.

Our network carry out building surveys in Great Yarmouth to suit every property and budget. With extensive knowledge of the local area, our network of chartered surveyors provide comprehensive, quality advice you can trust. The emphasis is on guiding you all the way through your property purchase, getting to know you and the property on an individual level.

Services Include:

  • Onsite Acquisition Report
  • Party Wall Act: Advice, Notices and Awards
  • Planning Advice
  • Property Investment Advice
  • RICS Home Buyer Survey
  • Structural Surveys
  • Boundary Disputes and Advice
  • Commercial Property Surveys
  • Condition Reports
  • Dilapidations Reports
  • Expert Witness Reports
  • House Purchase Survey
  • Land Surveys

If you’re interested in a building or property service in or around Great Yarmouth, or elsewhere in the region, that is not listed above, please contact us as it is likely we will be able to help.

RICS Condition Reports Level 1

This is the most basic survey and provides a concise overview of a property’s condition. RICS level 1 condition reports focuse on significant issues that could affect the property’s value and includes a “traffic light” system to rate the severity of defects. It is suitable for relatively new or well-maintained properties where major concerns are unlikely.

RICS Level 2 Building Survey

The RICS Level 2 building survey is a more detailed and comprehensive inspection, suitable for a wide range of property types in Great Yarmouth. It provides an in-depth analysis of the property’s condition, highlighting defects, potential issues, and necessary repairs. This survey is particularly helpful for older or non-standard properties and offers recommendations for addressing problems.

RICS Level 3 Building Survey

The RICS Level 3 building survey is the most extensive and detailed option, offering a comprehensive analysis of the property’s structure and condition. It provides a thorough assessment of the building’s construction, materials, and any potential defects or issues. Level 3 property surveys in Great Yarmouth are suitable for complex or very old properties and include detailed advice on repairs and maintenance.

RICS Homebuyer Report

While technically not a building survey, the RICS HomeBuyer Report includes a concise assessment of the property’s condition, similar to a Level 2 survey. It is suitable for standard properties and provides an overview of any significant defects, with recommendations for further investigation or action. It can also include a valuation.

Valuation Reports

Valuation reports focus on determining the market value of a property in Great Yarmouth. It is often required for mortgage purposes or when buying or selling a property. The report assesses the property’s current market worth based on various factors, including location, condition, and comparable sales.

Party Wall Surveys

A party wall survey is a specialised type of survey conducted by a chartered surveyor in Great Yarmouth to assess and document the condition and potential impact of construction work on shared walls, structures, or boundaries between adjoining properties. These surveys are typically required under the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 in the UK or similar legislation in other regions. The surveyor’s role is to establish the rights and obligations of property owners, ensuring that construction work does not cause damage or encroach on neighbouring properties. The surveyor may produce a party wall award, a legally binding document that outlines the terms of the proposed construction and how any disputes or damages will be resolved. Party wall surveys in Great Yarmouth play a crucial role in facilitating amicable relationships between property owners during construction projects.

Expert Witness

An expert witness survey is a specialized service provided by our network of chartered surveyors in Great Yarmouth who act as expert witnesses in legal proceedings, typically related to property disputes, property litigation, or construction-related issues. Our network of surveyors in Great Yarmouth are called upon to provide professional opinions, analysis, and testimony in a court of law or other legal forums. Expert witnesses play a crucial role in helping judges, juries, and legal professionals understand complex technical and property-related matters. Their expert opinions are based on their extensive knowledge and experience in areas such as building construction, property valuation, boundary disputes, defects, or other real estate issues. Expert witness surveys in Great Yarmouth often involve producing detailed reports and providing oral testimony in court to help resolve disputes, determine liability, and ensure that legal decisions are based on accurate and credible information. The aim is to assist the legal process by providing impartial and authoritative expertise to reach fair and informed resolutions in property-related cases.

Land Surveys

Land surveys conducted by our network of chartered property surveyors in Great Yarmouth encompass a range of essential services designed to assess and define the boundaries, conditions, and characteristics of land parcels. These surveys, including boundary, topographic, ALTA/ACSM, subdivision, construction, easement, and floodplain surveys, play a pivotal role in property transactions, development, and regulatory compliance. Whether determining property boundaries, evaluating topography, ensuring construction accuracy, or assessing flood risks, our network of chartered surveyors in Great Yarmouth provide crucial expertise to support informed decision-making and legal compliance related to land use and management.

Schedule of Condition Surveys

A Schedule of Condition survey is a detailed assessment conducted by a chartered surveyor to document and record the existing condition of a property, often before a lease or tenancy agreement begins. It provides a comprehensive and photographic record of the property’s state, including its structural condition, fixtures, and fittings. The purpose of this survey is to protect the interests of both the landlord and the tenant by establishing a clear baseline for the property’s condition at the start of the lease. Any pre-existing issues or defects are recorded, which can help prevent disputes and ensure that each party is aware of the property’s condition prior to occupancy. This type of survey is commonly used in commercial leases but may also be relevant in residential tenancy agreements.

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Whether you are a first time buyer, an established home owner or a property professional, our expert network of property surveyors in Great Yarmouth are here to offer you specialist and impartial residential and commercial property advice. Buying a home can be one of the biggest financial commitments you are likely to make.

Norfolk Surveyors Network members can provide advice, guidance, and support on the aspects of surveying in the residential property sector.

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All of our members are Regulated by RICS. The RICS Regulation scheme sets out to reinforce professional standards and raise consumer confidence in the delivery of professional advice to the highest standard level.