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Also known as a ‘Level 3’ or ‘ Full Structural’ survey, a RICS Full Building Survey is the most detailed type of survey. In short, it is the gold standard.

Industry guidelines recommend this type of survey if your property is large, old, has some disrepair or has unusual features. Guidelines also recommend a Full Building Survey in Norfolk if you plan to do any significant renovations or extensions.

At the Norfolk Surveyors Network , we think that RICS level 3 surveys are the best option for getting a complete understanding of what you are buying, whatever the property age or type.

Full building surveys in Norfolk provide thorough, bespoke guidance on build type, condition, structural integrity and maintenance issues. Our RICS building surveyors provide a comprehensive inspection of the property. Wherever possible, the building surveyor will look over the entire property, including the attic, cellar, under loose carpets and behind furniture. Everything that can be looked at, will be looked at. 

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What Does A Level 3 Building Survey Include

A RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) full building survey, also known as a Level 3 survey, is a comprehensive and detailed assessment of the condition of a property. It is typically carried out by a qualified chartered surveyor and is recommended for older properties, larger properties, properties in poor condition, or properties where significant alterations or renovations are planned.

Here’s what a RICS full building survey in Norfolk typically involves:

Detailed Inspection: The surveyor will conduct a thorough inspection of the entire property, both inside and outside. They will examine the structural elements, such as the walls, roof, floors, and foundations.

Assessment of Condition: The surveyor will assess the condition of all visible and accessible parts of the property. They will identify any defects, damage, or areas that require repair or maintenance.

Report: The surveyor will provide a detailed written report that includes their findings, observations, and recommendations. This report is often quite extensive and may include photographs to illustrate problem areas.

Advice: The surveyor may offer advice on the urgency and cost of any necessary repairs or maintenance. They may also provide guidance on potential future issues and how to address them.

Limitations: It’s important to note that RICS full building surveys in Norfolk have limitations. It typically does not include invasive inspections, so hidden issues may not be discovered. It also does not cover non-visible or inaccessible areas, such as concealed wiring or plumbing.

Cost Estimate: The report will include estimates for repair costs, which can be valuable for budgeting purposes.

Legal Considerations: The report can be used for legal purposes, such as negotiations with the seller or for obtaining quotes from contractors for necessary repairs.

A RICS full building survey is a valuable tool for prospective property buyers as it provides a comprehensive understanding of the condition of the property they are interested in purchasing. Full building surveys in Norfolk can help buyers make informed decisions, negotiate prices, and plan for future maintenance or renovations. It can also be used by property owners who want to assess the condition of their existing property for maintenance or insurance purposes.

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Navigating the process of buying a home in Norfolk can be challenging, but with the right guidance and expertise from a member of the Norfolk Surveyors Network you can make an informed decision about your potential new home. Remember to consider the different types of building surveys, the importance of RICS chartered surveyors, and the various factors that may impact your property, such as party wall matters and structural issues. Armed with a thorough report and expert advice, you’ll be well-prepared to protect your interests and secure your dream home in Norfolk.