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At Norfolk Surveyors Network we provide a wide range of temporary works and construction engineering services delivering innovative, practical and cost effective design solutions.

Our engineers are able to provide advice, design or checking services for a range of temporary works and along with our extensive civil, structural and geo-technical experience, we can help to reduce the cost and programme on all types of construction projects while improving safety and quality.

We are very driven to provide our clients with the highest level of service to ensure we deliver safe, practical, economic, and most importantly, contractor-friendly temporary works solutions in Norfolk. We are constantly challenging the rule of thumb and simple load comparison methods when designing temporary works for all of our Clients.

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At Norfolk Surveyors Network we have the skills to undertake both the temporary and permanent works designs. Norfolk Surveyors Network process for structural engineers to provide the temporary works is:

Meeting with the contractor to discuss how they would like to approach the construction. Every contractor will have a slightly different take on how to approach a project that best suits their company’s skill sets. We have found it better to include the contractor at the beginning of the process.

Scheme sequences: Norfolk Surveyors Network provide a sequence of plans that takes the project from the existing conditions to the final design. Step by step the drawings progress with the design moving forward in the sequence that the contractor needs to work. Often this can take up 15-20 A1 temporary drawings.

Method statement. In line with the scheme sequences a written document will be produced. This describes in words the sequence to follow.

Temporary works calculations: Once the temporary schemes are in place the items that require structural design can be identified. Similar to building regulations we produce a pack of calculations for the elements used.

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At Norfolk Surveyors Network our project portfolio includes; crane supports and foundations, demolition work, drainage, and dewatering, embankment stability, façade retention, retaining walls, slip and jump forming, shafts and tunnel linings, hoarding, underpinning and basement excavation propping, slope stability, formwork and falsework, needling, scaffold, hoist supports and tie-ins, cantidecks, access systems, lifting operations, piling mats, river and marine work, independent (Category 3) checks of designs by others and many more.